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Welcome to bingdb.info, the Voice of the Automotive World!

We’re proud that readers consider us more than just “another” place to find news, reviews, spy shots, commentary and features about the auto industry.  bingdb.info doesn’t stop with the press releases or confuse a few lines of opinion with insightful, in-depth reporting.

bingdb.info is produced by some of the best and brightest writers and commentators covering the automotive industry:

Paul A. Eisenstein, Publisher, with 30+ years of experience covering the auto industry for a broad range of print, broadcast and electronic media, and one of the pioneers of Internet publishing;

Joe Szczesny, Senior Contributing Editor, and another veteran automotive journalist whose work provides readers a deep insight into the news of the day;

Denise McCluggage, Columnist, the dean of automotive journalists, a pioneer woman racer and writer whose words have enchanted readers for decades;

Jim McCraw, Contributing Editor and long-time automotive correspondent with a penchant for performance and a skill at delivering insightful reviews and features;

Marty Bernstein, Marketing Columnist, his Marty’s Marketing Minutia provides a witty and insightful look at the world of automotive marketing and advertising;

Henny Hemmes, our European Editor, based in the Netherlands and one of the Continent’s most respected and widely published automotive journalists;

Bryan Laviolette, Contributing Editor, and a long-time correspondent with a passion for automobiles.

And there are many other regular contributors you’ll discover on the pages of bingdb.info

Readers occasionally ask if the name of the site reflects a bias towards the U.S. auto industry.  Absolutely not.  Motown clearly remains one of the centers of the automotive world – and it is where we’re based – but a quick perusal of our site reveals we’re non-denominational, if you will, bringing you news, views and reviews from around the globe.

We trust you’ll like what you see. We’ll try to reflect the input of our readers; it’s one of the great benefits of publishing on the internet.

Spread the word and come back to visit us often at bingdb.infothe Voice of the Automotive World.  – Paul A. Eisenstein


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